Past Events

Spring Ikebana Festival at Yume Japanese Gardens 2/22-3/3/2024

Ohara Ikebana

Ohara Ikebana Arrangement

Kiyoko Matsuyama (L) Joann Hyde (R)

Joann Hyde, chapter president and instructor, and Kiyoko Matsuyama, chapter treasurer, made multiple arrangements for the Spring Ikebana Festival.

Classes at Tucson Botanical Gardens 1/24-2/14/2024

Tucson Botanical Gardens in collaboration with the Arizona Chapter of the Ohara School of Ikebana  offered a four-part introductory series at the Gardens. The class, limited to 12 students, filled quickly.

Demonstrations at Japanese Fall Festival 11/19/24






Joann Hyde, chapter president and instructor, gave two stunning demonstrations at the Tucson Japanese Fall Festival Nov. 19, impressing the audience with Landscape and Bunjin arrangements. Kiyoko Matsuyama and Marjorie Williams assisted her. Other chapter members participating in the festival were Miki Pimienta, origami earrings, and Arlene Watkins, Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Workshop and Vase Sale: A Huge Success!  11/9/2023

ikebana vase sale

Louise Daggs, Ohara First Master and a past chapter president taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced students at a full class November 9. Louise lived and studied ikebana in Japan for six years. Her intense study at the Ohara School of Ikebana in Tokyo included 4-5 lessons a week and participation in the Ohara system of monthly examinations. Ohara Vase SaleHer arrangements consistently received high marks from the Japanese professors, earning her the rank of First Master. In addition, Louise joined the Tokyo-based Ikebana International, a 10,000 member organization dedicated to promoting ikebana worldwide. She served as International President from 1988-1990 and visited chapters worldwide promoting “Friendship Through Flowers.” Since moving to Arizona in 1992, Louise has continued to teach, demonstrate, and exhibit.

Fall Ikebana Festival at Yume Japanese Gardens in Tucson 10/26-11/5 2023

Arizona Chapter Ohara IkebanaArizona Ohara Ikebana

Joann Hyde, Kiyoko Matsuyama, and Arlene Watkins created arrangements, and Miki Pimienta helped prepare for the festival.

Ikebana Popular at Tucson Meet Yourself 10/15/2023

The Arizona chapter’s ikebana demonstration at Tucson Meet Yourself was popular, drawing both passers by and people who sought it out from the event schedule. Kiyoko Matsuyama gave three demonstrations over the course of two hours. In addition Paula Coleman and Arlene Watkins made arrangements just prior to the scheduled opening. Miki Pimienta also participated at the festival, demonstrating furokishi, the Japanese art of folding cloth.

Arizona Ohara IkebanaArizona Ohara IkebanaArizona Ohara Ikebana