New Students

  • We welcome all students to our classes in Tucson, and we strive to make every class an enjoyable, relaxing experience. Please contact us before you come so we can prepare for your visit and give you the attention you deserve

What to Bring: 

  • Scissors for cutting. Regular scissors or garden clippers will work 
  • A grocery bag to dispose of extra leaves, stems and branches 
  • A hand towel to place your items on
  • A bucket to bring your flowers home 

Following are a couple items you may want to bring, but are optional for new students. 

  • Vase. We will loan you a ceramic vase for class. But since you will be taking the flowers home, you may want to bring a vase so you can recreate your arrangement later. A soup or serving bowl is fine as long as it has low sides and a flat base. One that is  approximately 6” across at the base with sides approximately 2” high works well. 
  • 3” Kenzan (frog). We can also loan you a kenzan for class, but you will need one to recreate your arrangement at home. 

You can view or purchase vases and kenzan at an affordable price from the chapter if you ask us to bring them in advance.